9 AM

Registration & Opening (Foyer)

10 AM

Opening Keynote (TR 39)

  - Satbir Singh, JCWI

11:15 AM

Coffee Break (TR 31-35) 

11:45 AM

  1. Breaking the silence: challenging the abuse of NDAs in a post-MeToo era (TR 39)

    • Aceil Haddad, Pregnant Then Screwed

    • Neil Emery, Bindmans LLP

    • Kevin Poulter, Freeths LLP

  2. Unsettled status: protecting vulnerable EU citizens’ rights post-Brexit (TR 31-35)

    • Mihai Calin Bica, Roma Support Group

    • Nicole Masri, Rights of Women

    • Ruth Mercer, Southwark Law Centre

    • Ollie Persey, Public Law Project

  3. Tackling pollution discrimination in the UK (TR 11-12)

    • Emma Dixon, Blackstone Chambers

    • Rosamund Asoo-Kissi-Debrah, Ella Roberta Family Foundation

    • Nina Pindham, No5 Chambers

  4. Lawyers in the foodbank: holistic legal support to prevent destitution (TR 37-38)

    • Sophie Earnshaw, Shelter

    • Vicky Fewkes, Ealing Law Centre

    • Martin Williams, Child Poverty Action Group

    • Koldo Casla, Policy Director at human rights NGO Just Fair

1:15 PM

Lunch / Exhibition Space (TR 40 & Foyer)

2:30 PM

Plenary: 'In Conversation with'

Edward McGowan, APPEAL (TR 31-35)

3:15 PM

  1. Resisting the hostile environment in hospitals (TR 37-38)

    • Kamla Adiseshiah, Southwark Law Centre

    • Ros Bragg, Maternity Action

    • Seb Casalotti, Doc Not Cops

  2. After Cambridge Analytica: big data and privacy online (TR 11-12)

    • Dr Bernard Keenan, Birkbeck University

    • Amy Shepherd, Open Rights Group

    • Daniel Carey, Deighton Pierce Glynn

    • Elettra Bieti, SJD student at Harvard Law School & an Affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society. 

  3. Youth (in)justice, austerity and knife crime  (TR 31-35)

    • Michael Etienne, No5 Chambers

    • Adeela Khan, Edward Fail Bradshaw & Waterson

    • Brian Richardson, Nexus Chambers

    • Laura Jane Miller, Red Lion Chambers

  4. Towards a social justice conception of animal rights (TR 39)

    • Edie Bowles, Advocates for Animals

    • Alexandra Pimor, Liverpool John Moores University

    • Paula Sparks, UK Centre for Animal Law

4:30 PM

Coffee Break (TR 31-35)

4:45 PM

Plenary: Protest, Rebellion and Social Change (TR 31-35)

  • Danielle Manson, Garden Court Chambers

  • United Voices of the World

  • Paul Powlesland, lawyer for Extinction Rebellion 

  • Brian Richardson, Nexus Chambers

9 AM

Registration & Opening (Foyer)

10 AM

Opening Keynote (TR 31-35)

- Dr Laura Janes, Howard League for Penal Reform

11:45 AM

  1. The Shamima Begum Effect: Deprivation of citizenship and the rule of law  (TR 31-35)

    • Tayab Ali, ITN Solicitors

    • Amanda Weston QC, Garden Court Chambers

    • Dr Helena Wray, Exeter University

  2. Failing women in the criminal justice system (TR 11-12)

    • Paramjit Ahluwalia, Lamb Building

    • Holli Waterson, RASAC

    • Harriet Wistrich, Centre for Women’s Justice

  3. Litigating the Special Educational Needs Funding Crisis (TR 39)

    • Katherine Barnes, 39 Essex Chambers

    • Amanda Elliott, SEND Action

    • Anne-Marie Irwin, Irwin Mitchell

  4. Tough on crime? Evidence-based approaches to prison reform (TR 37-38)

    • Dr Laura Janes, Howard League for Penal Reform

    • Rebecca Roberts, INQUEST

    • Jane Ryan, Bhatt Murphy

1:15 PM

Lunch / Exhibition Space (TR 40 & Foyer)

2:15 PM

  1. Towards HIV Prevention: the (courtroom) fight for PrEP (TR 11-12)

    • Deborah Gold, National AIDS Trust

    • Greg Owen, I Want Prep Now

    • Louise Whitfield, Deighton Pierce Glynn

  2. Lawyering to protect the rights of sex workers and/or women exploited in prostitution     (TR 37-38)

    • DecrimNow

    • Richard O’Keefe, United Voices of the World

    • Harriet Wistrich, Centre for Women’s Justice

  3. (Un)intentionally homeless: challenging unfair housing decisions (TR 31-35)

    • Connor Johnston, Garden Court Chambers

    • Simon Mullings, Edwards Duthie Shamash

    • Jo Underwood, Shelter

    • Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth (HASL)

  4. Building a social justice campaign online   (TR 39) 

    • Rita Amin, Change.org

    • Jakub Makowski, CrowdJustice

    • Fiona Bawdon, Legal Education Foundation

11:15 AM

Coffee Break (TR 31-35)

3:45 PM

Question time Plenary: Legal Aid MATTERS: 70 years of legal aid - what next?  (TR 31-35)

  • Rhona Friedman, Commons

  • Sue James, Hammersmith and Fulham Law Centre

  • Stephanie Lightfoot-Bennett, United Families and Friends

  • Mary-Rachel McCabe, Doughty Street Chambers

4:30 PM

Networking Social (Foyer)

1:45 PM

Soapbox Competition (TR 39)

5:30 PM

Networking Social (Foyer)

Saturday 23rd November (subject to change)

Sunday 24th November (subject to change)

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